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your chemic beauty burned my muscles through. [entries|friends|calendar]

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tonight was the perfect night [Friday
08 19 05 - 09:07P]
Nothing is better than blisters on your hands from swinging on the swingset ♥

Just thought I'd get that out there...
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unnngh Driver's Ed [Friday
07 08 05 - 09:41P]
[ mood | drained ]

Well, here's what I get for missing the first day of driver's ed: two hours makeup followed immediately by two hours of class. Fun.

The makeup wasn't so bad, actually, just long. The people didn't make us do any extra work, just what we had been assigned a few days earlier so I finished pretty early. :D I can get my permit now! I'm excited to start driving, but also pretty nervous. Just how it's dangerous driving and even more dangerous when you're starting out. I mean, I am aware of it and all...my parents stress it constantly, I can at least tell when someone is a bad driver, I know plenty of people who have been in accidents (my age, especially) and too many people that have died in collisions. Right now I'm just tired of fours hours of it, and then coming home and being lectured about it more. But I am going to try my hardest to be very cautious.

The parade is tomorrow, yay! It was so different and weird today, marching in conducting in front of the band instead of being within it and playing. I have to say it was not tiring at all, compared to playing a mellophone. Drum majors have a pretty easy job in that area, I guess. It was also weird seeing everyone again, almost as if summer hadn't even started. But I guess it's all stranger just because I'm taking a class again, and I have homework. I mean, it's still summer because I get to sleep in and all that stuff, but less so.

Oh, we saw War of the Worlds yesterday :D I love Tom Cruise, he seems so into what he does. He just seems like a really good actor to me. And he's very handsome. I guess I like him more because there's a lot of people who are like, "Oh, it's Tom Cruise, hur hur, he's so pretty and thinks he's all that." But I like his movies.

Well, tonight I didn't have much to say. That's okay :D

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06 30 05 - 07:59P]
[ mood | lazy ]

Ohh new layout.

I wanted to start over, with everything. Maybe it doesn't matter since I do most of my writing on actual paper and no one else reads it, but whatever. This is fun :D.

I love you all.

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